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The Pre-War Team Challenge sees the best pre-War machinery pitted on track in a format that helps balance the variety of performance across the age-range. The series covers everything from Austin Sevens to the mighty Bentleys plus, of course, all the Pre-War Astons.


The Team Challenge is run as a 'staggered start' or 'open' handicap. This means each car is released in turn, at pre-determined intervals with the slowest cars going off first and the fastest cars starting last of all. This interval is what's known as the 'handicap' and is calculated by the Handicapper based on his extensive knowledge of each car's prior performance. The aim is that on the final lap, all cars should come round side-by-side; the winner being the first car to reach the flag. It's always a good measure of the Handicapper's skill to see how close he can get to this result!


The series can trace its roots back over the last decade and more, when the Aston Martins asked to join in the Bentley Lagonda Handicap race at the Bentley Drivers Club's Silverstone meeting. It worked so well that the format was quickly extended to run at AMOC events. Having run successfully for some years, it was clear that a number of other very well-known marques were keen to be included. This gave rise to the format you now see at AMOC Racing meetings.

Pre-War Team Challenge

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